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How to do trade and tech PR in Spain successfully

Spain is well-known for its sunny beaches, paella, tapas, sangria and flamenco amongst other leisure activities: a reflection of a country whose service sector generates the lion’s share of Spain’s total GDP. Yet, in 2016 the professional, scientific and technical industry contributed to almost 18% of the Spanish GDP [1]. An important trend that is not only covered by general media but also by specialist press.  

In recent years, Spain has experienced a shrinking media landscape, with many trade and tech publications consolidating or closing as a consequence of the financial crisis and lower advertising investment. Additionally, as throughout Europe, in Spain there is a shift from print to online in response to the new information consumption habits of its readers.


What do Spanish editors like?

Spanish journalists welcome thought-leadership content and application stories, preferably with local manufacturers’ facts and figures. Editors know that this helps their audience to identify with the content.

Trade and tech editors are very keen on interviewing country heads or CEOs, who should provide a strategic outlook, local insights and market trends. They are also willing to speak to foreign CEOs who can discuss local topics, for instance how a company’s plan will impact the Spanish economy.

Compared to some of their European counterparts, for instance German journalists, Spanish editors are not very interested in receiving extensive product fact sheets or lengthy articles full of countless technical details. They prefer surveys with strong statistics that allow them to compare different regions and highlight the quirks and contrasts between each other.


Relationships, good content and tasteful culinary experiences

Although Spaniards tend to be relaxed, they greatly appreciate social relationships. This is no different for tech and trade journalists, so building good relationships is very important. The best method for building strong relationships is through face-to-face meetings. Trade exhibitions, for instance VMworld Europe (celebrated in Barcelona), are a great opportunity to keep strengthening these relationships with the media as you can meet several editors in one day. 

Press events also work well to build and maintain those crucial relationships. However, you should make sure that your spokesperson is available for gathering with editors over a tasteful culinary experience once the formal event is finished to reply to any of their questions. The topics discussed during this get-together might not be about your just-launched product/service or company but they can be an informal chat about the economy, market, society or the latest football match. Therefore, it is recommended that your spokesperson is a ‘people’ person.

The Spanish B2B media outlets rely on relationships and good content, however they also appreciate when you make some space in your budget for them, particularly now that, as cited, advertising investment levels are inferior.  Financial support does not guarantee you coverage but it is a bonus as it will be remembered by editors when your marketing budget is tight.


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Maria Alonso, PR Account Manager, Technical Associates Group




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