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We are now Publitek


Over the past few years, things have happened very quickly at TAG HQ.

Big growth, great clients, opening offices in Germany and Singapore, and integrating our offering to offer a full suite of marketing and communications services to the tech and engineering markets.

As you might expect, the noise this made in the market attracted interest from potential acquirers.  Although very flattering, none of the approaches really meant something to us…. until now.

Our brand purpose is to enhance and invigorate the reputation of technology and engineering in business and society and to support those working within it. To achieve our rather lofty goal, we realised that we needed some help.

This is where Publitek came in, presenting a big opportunity for us to accelerate our achievement of that goal and grow our global presence in B2B tech marketing communications.

Therefore, we are extremely excited to announce: from Friday 13th July 2018, Technical Associates Group (TAG) has been acquired by Publitek, part of Next 15 Communications Group (NFC LON). The TAG brand will change to Publitek with immediate effect.


Who is Publitek?

I have known and respected the Chairman of Publitek, Bob Jones, for over 20 years and likewise its CEO, Simon Flatt. There are many synergies between us and Publitek:

  • Like us, they are a B2B marketing agency, however they operate mainly in the IT, deep tech Electronics and Semiconductor markets. We bring an industrial, health and safety and automation market understanding, knowledge and creativity that enhances and expands their portfolio.
  • Like us, Publitek  shares the same vision
  • Like us, Publitek has the same services. Publitek delivers integrated marketing and PR services based on well-crafted strategies, creative content and cost-effective delivery using the best mix of channels.

With us on board, Publitek becomes an 80-strong team speaking a total of 18 languages and located in eight countries across Asia, Europe and North America.

And what makes this acquisition even more exciting for us is Publitek’s parent company Next 15.

Next 15 is an independent communications group that’s listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM. It comprises 18 agencies, each with a clear focus, addressing an important part of the marketing ecosystem and each steered by a great management team featuring some of the best entrepreneurs in our business.

So what does all this mean?

For us, it means:

  • The reach and resources of a strong group
  • A global presence when we need it
  • New, exciting opportunities for our wonderful people who share our vision and our values


For our clients, it means:

  • Everything they like about TAG and more
  • A truly global presence, with the in-house ability to drive campaigns globally
  • Stronger influence in the tech, engineering and electronics markets
  • Greater insight across key markets and customer personas


Onwards and Upwards

This is a phrase we use at the agency a lot. We have even proudly named two of our meeting rooms ”Onwards” and “Upwards” and it’s a phrase that very much resonates with us – today more than ever.

The truth is . . . . .

We still love what we do.

We love our talented, smart, intelligent team.

We love our clients and are driven by an absolute need to see them succeed.

The team is not going anywhere. In addition, Ian Clay and I have joined the board of Publitek  and will be involved in the running of the business.

From everyone at TAG, we’d like to say a huge thank to everyone involved in making this acquisition happen – it was a lot of hard work, but we pulled through and made it happen.

Finally, we want to thank our team, clients and suppliers for continuing this journey with us and look forward to a future as Publitek.


Sylvia Laws, Chief Operating Officer Publitek (previously MD at TAG)

You can connect with Sylvia via LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter or email.

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    The communications agency at the heart of technology and engineering markets.

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    The communications agency at the heart of technology and engineering markets.


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