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Atlas Copco - use SMARTLINK anywhere, anytime


For a successful launch of its newest product the SMARTLINK, Atlas Copco turned to Technical Advertising to create a campaign which reached out to its target audience of distributors and direct customers.

SMARTLINK is a new data monitoring programme that offers companies a complete insight into their compressed air production, helping to predict potential problems and showing how and where production can be optimised and energy can be saved. It is easy to install, efficient to monitor and easily tailored - the data it collects can be accessed at any time from any device.


Atlas Copco's campaign proposition for SMARTLINK was - use it anywhere, anytime. With such an exciting product to work with, Technical Advertising were only too eager to come up with a creative concept that would meet the proposition requirements as well as reach its target audience. A full campaign of print ads and online banners was created that depicted the remote access aspect of the SMARTLNK data.


The online and print banners were placed in the top targeted media. Initial metrics indicate that this has been a really successful campaign and has truly resonated with the target audience. 

 Ac Smartlink 950X122



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The communications agency at the heart of technology and engineering markets.


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