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Your business needs a narrative to articulate what you offer. We know that for the technical and engineering industry it’s not about promoting products and services directly but demonstrating an understanding of customer challenges by creating meaningful, valuable and useful content that helps them before the direct sales approach is needed.

This establishes your business as a leader, with something important to contribute to the wider conversation. However, content is everywhere. Your customers are exposed to more content than ever before. Content that attracts and sustains attention has to be authentic, original, accurate, compelling and informative.

Creating content that gets your prospects attention is ideal but you need to reach the right people and you need to know who they are. In order to succeed in creating compelling content for your niche audience, businesses, now more than ever, need to be smart and employ professionals who understand their technical markets, their technology and their customer’s pain points in order to make an impact and stand out from the crowd. 



As you know in today's competitive, digital environment it is no longer enough to simply churn out press releases in the hope of gaining traction. Strong narratives elevate your business above everyday communication, creating a story that customers can invest in emotionally, intelligently and commercially. But successful engagement depends on writing that’s devoted specifically to the target audience and that fits the shape of the platforms and channels where it will be shared.

At TAG, we immerse ourselves in your market and industry to understand exactly what will resonate with your target audience and then we generate fresh, inspiring content to captivate that audience perfectly. From press releases, opinion pieces, whitepapers, e-books to social media content and native advertising, we are one of the very few agencies who can craft your content in-house, thanks to our mix of specialist PR, creative and technical writing skills.



We understand that making the ‘complex’ seem ‘simple’, especially in the deep technology market, doesn’t come easily and doesn’t happen by chance. We also understand that for tech brands, visual content is more successful than any other form of communication. B2B marketers who embrace visual content reap the rewards of higher returns – in terms of more followers, readers, leads, clients and, of course, revenue.

TAG has an award-winning, in-house creative team. Each person is highly skilled and experienced at capturing the essence of your message and brand and transforming it into something compelling and unique that reaches out to your niche technical audience. By really focussing on your content marketing strategy and ensuring the right mix of all types of creative, we can achieve tangible results that will give you the results you need to feed back at boardroom level. Additionally, we have an in-house video production capabilities.

With our combined technical and creative expertise, TAG offers:

  • Key images and concepts that instantly tell a story
  • Video – movies, interviews and animations that magnetise viewers (filming, editing, post production, sound etc)
  • Infographics – transforming technical facts into informative artworks
  • Coordination of creative concepts that communicate a brand or campaign identity





The communications agency at the heart of technology and engineering markets.

Ian Clay, Executive Director
T: +44 (0)1582 390980


The communications agency at the heart of technology and engineering markets.


Technologie zum Leben erwecken

Mark Herten, Strategy Director, Prokurist
T: +49 (0)4181 968 0980