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Data Analytics


Data Body

Data is knowledge and knowledge is power. Measurement and optimisation are fundamental elements of successful marketing communications activity in the B2B tech market. Our focus is always on using data to improve commercial outcomes.

At TAG we look continually to find ways to capture data and optimise our work for clients. We have developed a number of techniques that combine and react to data from multiple sources and systems in order to provide our clients with knowledge, advice and services to act upon the data insights gained.


Coverage reporting, Performance data and Analytics - real time dynamic reporting

Delivering true success from your campaigns cannot be done unless you understand which parts are or have worked best. Whether its press coverage reporting to performance data to providing you with real time analytics on current campaigns, we take this understanding and use it to begin optimising your campaign. Not only does this agility mean better results for your communications, but it means an overall better experience for your customers (CX).


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a powerful tool which can be used to monitor effectively, harness and scale your inbound marketing results. We understand you have KPIs to meet thus we optimise your sales and marketing efforts across the entire customer lifecycle to ensure your next big customer is nurtured with personalised content.

TAG is a HubSpot accredited partner. We use HubSpot's inbound marketing software to tie together every aspect of your inbound marketing strategy to ensure your initiatives are a success.


The communications agency at the heart of technology and engineering markets.

Ian Clay, Executive Director
T: +44 (0)1582 390980


The communications agency at the heart of technology and engineering markets.


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Mark Herten, Strategy Director, Prokurist
T: +49 (0)4181 968 0980