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Public Relations


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We know the B2B world in which you work is fast paced and fiercely competitive. For you to win new customers and retain existing ones, you are challenged to distinguish your brand daily.

Maintaining a positive public image helps you create a strong brand whether that be with customers, employees, suppliers or stakeholders and a strong brand means more sales. TAG can help you meet these challenges, we appreciate and understand your buyer’s journey and as a result know how to communicate effectively with your public. We believe our specialist knowledge is crucial for the technical space as this market doesn’t function in the same way as FMCG or B2C markets.

In technology and engineering, the buying cycle is longer, more complex and often involves as many as 20 purchasers and specifiers. Understanding this process and the personas involved and the challenges industries face in specific markets is vital if your communication is going to resonate meaningfully with your publics.


Press Relations

As you know press relations is much more than just knowing who your journalists are and where they work. The hard work is understanding their pressures, gaining their respect and establishing your credibility so that they want to hear your brand and technology story. Your next challenge is delivering precisely what the journalist needs, how and when they need it. Once this relationship is established you can then discuss ideas, offer opinions and develop future opportunities for your brand.

TAG understands these challenges and offers you relationships that are already established and an understanding of your technology and applications. This combination translates into great press coverage from your brand. Our team is fully aware of how an editorial office works and empathises with the workload of journalists in today’s digital world. Our market insight means that we specialise in finding the best editorial opportunities for your brand, getting the angle and method of delivery right, meeting the deadline, ensuring the files are the right size and format – these are all important elements of press relations and ensuring your technology is perceived in the best possible light by the press and its readers.


Influencer Relations

We know your customer’s buyer journey can be incredibly complex. When selling to techies, we know that information can be sourced almost anywhere and that they are either blocking content or the companies they work for block it for them. This means your brand has a smaller window through which to reach audiences and this space is highly populated by competition. So how do you stand out?

Third-party endorsements and sources of information that are trusted and influential can cut through the competitor noise and create huge advantage for your company ranging from shortened sales cycles to larger deals and to an increase in leads and revenue.

Ultimately if your content is shared by influencers within your community, it will have more “earned” value and resonate more with the customer.

At TAG we focus on the fact that nothing impresses the technical mind more than innovation, ingenuity and expertise and they will listen to those who have a proven track record or knowledge in their field. Therefore, our knowledgeable team will help you identify the target micro influencers in your niche markets with the right content to enable your influencer marketing to be a success.



We know you spend a lot of time and effort building and streamlining your communications globally. When it comes to conversing with your audiences in foreign markets, literal, word-for-word translations can undo this hard work in a heartbeat. What resonates in one market for you won't necessarily sing in another; a German technical professional might see things differently from their French counterpart. Our in-house team of content strategists, market researchers and creative professionals are on hand to provide insight and analysis that leads to bespoke regional content that gets under the skin of your local technical audience. We produce content that evokes the same emotion and response in your target audience as the original did in its primary form.



For you to create fresh new marketing content regularly for your business is costly and sometimes your marketing budget doesn’t stretch that far. We understand the constant strain B2B companies are under for new content and at TAG we take your hero content and rework it into multiple formats. We repurpose the content for your different technical markets and use a modular approach to segmenting useful information for your specific audience.



Our experience in events covers all corners of the world. Whether you want to hold an event to promote a new product or a service to new/existing customers or the press and influencer community, to maximising your participation at an exhibition with media briefings and a stand design that captures the attention of those that truly matter to your business, our mix of strategy, ex-journalists, content and creative professionals will advise and work with you in order to maximise your brands impact.



The communications agency at the heart of technology and engineering markets.

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The communications agency at the heart of technology and engineering markets.


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